FLORENCE 122-202 - DawnxDare -
FLORENCE 122-202 - DawnxDare -
FLORENCE 122-202 - DawnxDare -

FLORENCE 122-202

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Florence long cardigan is a hand knitted cardigan in super mohair. The cardigan has three-quarter sleeves and two pockets at front. 

Mohair is one of the most exclusive wool qualities. You just need to touch it to get the exclusive, soft and airy feeling. Because of the high content of mohair (66% kid mohair) this is called a super mohair.

This garment is knitted by hand by Italian women working from their homes in the hilly villages near to San Giovanni delle Contee - Tuscany - which is a few hours away from Rome. Therefore each piece is unique and sizes will vary slightly from piece to piece. This italian hand knit is an essential part of the DAWN x DARE identity.

The cardigan is available in color chalk (light grey) and peat (camel)

Quality: 66% Kid Mohair, 4% Wool, 30% Nylon