About us


DAWNxDARE was presented for the first time in Copenhagen in February 2016.

The collection speaks to the modern woman, where quality and a strong identity is at focus.

”It is all about lifestyle. The choosy customer, who ask for something extra, has to touch and feel that exclusivity and a strong personal look is at pride of place. We aim to hit a modern timelessness, where the styles can be used for many seasons”, says designer Charlotte Vadum, who has a long history in the Danish Fashion business as well as her partner Vibeke Bernhoft on production /buying .

DAWNxDARE is for women, who dare take position, who highly value good quality of Life and dont mind paying a little extra for a nice quality. The idea behind the brand is to create a collection, with all the need-to-have pieces, you just feel like jumping into in the morning from early ”DAWN”, where you dress up in the most lovable knitwear with a great comfort and softness till late at night, where the party begins and the dresses need a more sexy edginess ”DARE”.

To DAWNxDARE it is not all about age, but about strong personalities, who need space to shine. A collection that emphasizes and supports the personal identity of each individual woman.

”Our brand has primarily put focus at silk, knits and leather. Natural materials where the quality is quite outstanding,” informs Vibeke Bernhoft

DAWNxDARE is a simple luxury concept, where you can experience timeless styles combined with the newest fashion tendencies added an edge. You will find strong fashion elements with a cool attitude. The collection will be characterized by exclusivity and modern timelessness.